February is here and that only means the Valentine’s Day is coming soon! For the couple, it probably becomes the moment to surprise your partner with something romantic. Hence, what’s the best way to do that? If you’re still uncertain about what to give to your baby and in the search of something different, you should check these four romantic ideas to surprise your lover.

Chocolate, flower, and letter

Chocolate and flower

Chocolate and flower

If you’re an old soul, the classic style might suit you the best. A bar of chocolate, a bouquet of flower, and a letter of your lovely emotion. The combination of those three items would spoil your lover especially if she happens to be the old-school romantic type. That will work perfectly to win her heart, her head, and her tummy.

After all, who doesn’t love the mix of beauty, sweet, and sincerity?

You don’t need to make it extravagant, what you need to do is to make it meaningful. Choose the chocolate of her favorite, pick a small bouquet of flowers and know about the meaning of the flower, and put the envelope where you express your love to her. For the last touch, surprise on her door. That’ll be a memorable one for your lover.

Digital collage of photos and poems

Digital collage of photos and poems

Digital collage of photos and poems

If you’re not so lucky to have the chance of meeting her on daily basis, you might want to try this. Make a digital collage of photos and poems about you and her.

For this, the majority of people perhaps get shy and chickened out since well it means public publication. In addition, buying a domain and mastering the art of web design can’t be done by anyone. However, when there’s a problem, there’s a solution. To surprise your lover, you can check padlet.com which is a great platform for you to be creative and to stay in secret.

On the project, you can make a compilation of her photos, add some sweet words you’ve been dying to tell her, and put some poems to express your affection. Then, as the time comes, you can surprise her by sending the link. This will surely take her to a big and warm surprise since you’ve been preparing something so thoughtful for her.

Turn the romantic story into a creative flipbook

For the creative minds and passionate writers, your lover likely becomes the source of your imagination, your muse. Hence, turning your romantic story into a creative flipbook will be a lovely and delightful surprise for her.

 creative flipbook

creative flipbook

If you live near her, you can make a print-out version, wrap it as a beautiful present, and give it to her. But, if you want to be more creative, you can try the sneaky way to get her reading the flipbook by mocking at first so she will get curious and read it. On the other hand, if you live miles away from your beloved, make a digital flipbook and send it to her while the two of you are calling or on face-time.

This one of romantic ideas to surprise your lover will get your girl in awe.

Ask friends to share the love

On the last list for the romantic ideas to surprise your lover, it’ll require the help from a bunch of your friends. While the previous ideas seem to be for those who prefer personal space, this idea will work best for those who are outgoing and already in a serious relationship with their partner.

The first thing you need to do is to make the plan. It can be either the classic style of passing a note or the modern style of posting a picture. Whichever you prefer, coordinate it with your friends. To surprise your lover, it’s better if the friends you pick for this surprise are those whom she knows as well.

It’ll surely flatter your baby since you coordinate such a lovely and romantic surprise for her.

You can choose or combine those ideas as one or tweak it as you like. After all, the key to making the best surprise is your effort and sincerity for her. Good luck!

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