Something as simple as a dinner date could help spice up a long-term relationship-the key is to treat the night as if it were your first date, all over again.

That’s the advice from experts who say that couples in long-term relationships often stop trying to impress each other. They suggest dressing up, going to favorite places and pretending each night out is a first date.

They also suggest ordering new and exciting foods and asking the same types of “getting-to-know- you” questions that you would ask the first time you went out. Doing so can help keep relationships exciting and maybe even remind people why they fell in love in the first place. These additional tips may help, too:

Write It Down

Write notes to your significant other and leave them in unexpected places where they’ll be found throughout the day, such as in a briefcase or purse, taped to a computer monitor or hidden in a drawer. You can also write out “relationship coupons” that your mate can redeem for his or her favorite activities-from dinner at an area restaurant to tickets to the ball game.

Sweet Honeymoons

Don’t just celebrate your anniversary, celebrate your honeymoon as well. Have an annual honeymoon night during which you look through pictures of your honeymoon, eat foods that remind you of your trip and maybe even dance to some of your honeymoon music. On special anniversaries you may want to consider visiting the place where you honeymooned.

Romance And Fun

For many couples, the idea of discussing intimacy has come out in the open. In fact, certain types of sexual enhancers have even become mainstream. Play products by Durex, for example, are part of an emerging category of intimacy health and wellness products now sold in many drugstores. If you’re worried about the “embarrassment factor” when venturing to the store, take heart. Mainstream intimacy products are packaged elegantly and discreetly and are often sold alongside other everyday items on store shelves.

Go With What Works

There’s a reason that back rubs and breakfast in bed are romantic classics-they help couples connect, feel relaxed and they’re fun. Try to pick one day a week when the two of you lounge around and have breakfast in the bedroom. Then pick one night when you rub each other’s backs while watching a movie, listening to music or reading a book to one another. Your relationship-and your back-may be better for it.

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