Thanks to the inventors of the internet, Facebook, and etc., it’s now very easy to make friends with anyone from all around the world. All you need to do is to create an account and you’re good to go. Sadly, the friendship doesn’t often last that long and puff that person you once call as the best friend on the internet can just suddenly disappear without any news. Hence, it makes a question, is internet friendship real or just title? Let’s break it down!

The conspiracy theory of internet friendship

internet friendship

internet friendship

When you talk about friends on the internet, there’s a possibility that you’re friend with a fraud who merely takes you for granted to fill his free time because he’s bored. Well, friendship on the internet can be dangerous. There’s a great possibility of criminal as well. In fact, there’s plenty of cases where people are on the stake of their life because of that supposed friend that he meets on the internet. Thus, the conspiracy and widely belief idea about internet friendship is: it’s just for some moments of fun till they’re gone later. Many people believe that internet friendship is not real.

Such justify surely can be understood well since they never meet in person and there’s none who can tell if either your friend on the internet is real or not. Yet, it’s all just a theory, isn’t it? So, it brings us back to the question, can internet friendship be real?

What’s friendship?



To conclude an answer, we’ll start to talk about what’s friendship? Is there any absolute regulation and requirement for the title of friendship?

A real friend, the friendship, is described widely as someone you know whom you can share the bad and good story, facing problems together, and etc. A friendship happens when there’s a mutual understanding of that. Hyperbolically, it’s friendship when they’re willing to be each other side-kick when the world falls apart. Either it’s for in real-life friends or on internet friends, they get the same definitions.

Friendship is about sharing, enjoying, and conquering the world together.

Can internet friendship be real?

So, is the justification, that internet friendship is a lie, true? Yes, it can be. However, there’s no tale that tells it’s not the opposite as well. Internet friendship can be real. It’s not impossible in which this kind of friendship lasts longer than the friends you meet in real life.

In some cases, internet friends often become real-life friends. Some do spend bucks of dollars to go miles away to meet their friend from the internet.

friendship sharing

friendship sharing

The internet can be a dangerous place since you don’t know is behind the screen and texting you this whole time. For example, you can see in the movie entitled ‘Searching’ where identity fraud is depicted in that movie.  Your friend on the internet can be deceiving, making a fake identity to gain more attention. If you happen to encounter people like this on the internet, that’s quite unfortunate. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone on the internet is that bad.

The Internet is a replica of the real word. It’s like the mini aquarium where you can see everything and connect to everyone there without any boundary. That being said, as it’s a replica of the real world, the friendship on the internet actually resembles the real-life. Reality is dangerous and so is the internet. You’ll never know about what people have in their head though, whether you’re in real life or internet. Thus, it applies the same.

Hence, to answer the question ‘is internet friendship real?’, the answer can’t be between yes or no. It’s more than it. It can be real and it can be fake, that depends on you and your friends there.

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