There’s various type of relationships in our world and human relationships become one of the most complex relationships existed. The relationship between friends, the relationship between mother and child, the relationship between employer and employee, and etc., since our society gets bigger and bigger, the tag of relationships grows into many directions. The homosexual relationship is one under that tag as well as one from the most complicated list. This type of relationship has become the land for debate and crowd over the years, ranging under the topic of humanity to religion. But, what’s actually the deal about a homosexual relationship? To answer that question, read on to see the ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’ side on the debate of homosexual relationship.

What’s a homosexual relationship?

 homosexual relationship

homosexual relationship

The colloquial definition has it that homosexual relationship is a relationship between the same genders, popularly known as “Gay” or “Lesbian”. However, unlike the heterosexual relationship which is deemed ‘holy’, a homosexual relationship is deemed ‘sinful’. Although the pros and cons are now standing on equal seats, the negative face of homosexuality is still strong from the growth of prejudice in the past.

Why it is complicated?

The homosexual relationship itself is actually not complicated. It’s like the regular romantic relationship between two people from different gender we often see in movies; fall in love, get intimate and wish to have a family.

The relationship of same gender people is basically the casual romantic relationship without the difference in gender. But, the conception of homosexual communities makes it more complicated which gets homosexual relationship the open land of pros and cons.

Why it’s disagreeable?

Let’s begin to see from the negative side where people vote to disagree. The fame of homosexuality is exposed and framed as illness and peculiarity especially when it’s from the window of popular religion such as Catholic and Islam which explicitly stands against homosexual relationship since it’s severed on the table. It’s unacceptable because it doesn’t get along with the Holy Bible, Al-Quran, and other holy verse guidance. Hence, the mass majority of big religions commonly vote to disagree.

On another note, a homosexual relationship isn’t accepted by society because it has a strong prejudice on sexual abuse, illness, and other negative serotypes as often revealed in media. Homosexuality tendency also often lands to the case of molesters. Hence, many people disagree. Is there any good to come if two people who can be ‘criminal’ getting together? Surely, there’s no as answer there. Thus, it makes many people particularly the conventional-minded community to disagree with this kind of relationship. It’s vulgar, uncivil, and insulting the old value.

In short, homosexual relationships can’t fit the construction of numerous values which root in our society for centuries. For the agree-to-disagree party, this kind of relationship will ruin the structure. It’ll leave bad legacies, so they’re trying to protect the old value by voting to disagree.

Why it’s agreeable?

After we see the disagree side, now it’s time to see the people who accept and make a move to make homosexual relationships as something acceptable. The point they see is surely different from the disagree squad which put their focal point on old values.

In their opinion, the homosexual relationship is a renewal, a revolutionary action, and that’s not because they discard the old values. While the claim of homosexuality as a form of society illness grows because the media depict so, the agree side seeks further for other cases which are often seen in many publications. A homosexual relationship is actually beneficial to build a sense of tolerance. Since they need to face the hard punch of society’s prejudice, it teaches them to be tougher and leads their surrounding acknowledges such strength and acceptance. It helps to open the mind to see from a lot of perspectives before coming to a judging decision.

In addition, it’s human to love and love doesn’t know boundaries. Hence, for the agree-to-agree side, the homosexual relationship is acceptable because it’s human and it brings beauty and lessons in its growth which can’t be overlooked just because it doesn’t go with the old value.


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