Love is a strong emotion that can turn the most intelligent person into the best idiot. It’s unique and mysterious how love affects people. In addition, there are many types of love and everyone experiences it differently. However, those types of love can be group into six types of love based on the common occurrence around. Thus, if you’re curious about the type of love existed on this earth and what type of love do you bear in your heart, read on!


Types Of Love in Your Heart

Types Of Love in Your Heart

We’ll begin this list by introducing you to the purest type of love, Agape. This type of love is described as selfless, spiritual, and platonic. This type of love is quite holy and rarely found in our society now. Yet, this is a precious type of love which is best described as God’s love for the humankind.

When love is agape, there’s no wish of give-and-take. This love is about submission and devotion; the pure emotion which gives you the bravery to strive and conquer the world if you ever encounter one.


Storge relationship

Storge relationship

The next type of love is the sweet growth of friendship to what we know as Storge. This type of love is likely the loveliest of them all because when you experience a love like Storge, you’ll find the sweet and comfort of love. This is the type of old love where you slowly get to know your partner and really get to marry your best friend at the end.

Storge is a love that grows from friendship and builds on the similarity between one and another. If you’re the type of person who likes to be in a safe relationship with your partner, dating a person you know very well and have a lot of similarity in process. Your type of love is Storge.


The next type of love you’ll meet is Eros. It’s the stereotype of romantic love you know. It’s physical, passionate, and emotional love in which it gives the exotics and exciting emotion of love we often find in literature.

Type of love like Eros is commonly based on aesthetic enjoyment and pleasure which we often found in loving someone else. It’s physical and material expression way of sharing the emotion


Ludus relationship

Ludus relationship

While Eros becomes the type of love commonly known by the people as the old-school type of love, Ludus is the next type of love which is often associated with love and game. When the type of your love is Ludus, it’s not about the relationship when you say a yes. It’s about to conquer the quest.

This type of love usually has multiplayer in its process. A ludus love is fun and exciting when all the player gets the same intention. However, this type of love can be complicated if it meets with a manic type of love.


Ludus relationship

Pragma relationship

If you’re a thinker and you get your head as the most functional item of your body even if it talks about love, pragma is the type of your love. This love based on ratio, reason. When your love is Pragma, your head speaks for your heart and not the other way around.

This type of love can usually seem to be selfish and business-like on the outside. Yet, this type is quite the answer to how to love smartly.


The last type of love is Mania which covers about obsession and emotion at a high level which often leads to a manic state. This type of love is usually sweet at the beginning, yet it can be suffocating at the end. Since Mania type of love is intense when it comes to the execution.

For some people, Mania is best described as the crazy love where there are a strong dependency and obsessions. It’s actually sweet, but the intense emotion makes it less enjoyable for those who receive it.

Thus are the 6 types of love we have around, which one is yours?


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