A love between generations apparently becomes a trend nowadays. The gap of seven or four years is seemingly the most often case that we find around. In some peculiar cases, there’s also ten years plus of the age difference. But, is it good to have an age gap in a relationship? Well, from the antiquity, the age difference in a relationship is a common case, yet it’s usually because of the demands and culture. However, in the modern days, it’s a matter of choice. With the vast development of the internet and social media, anyone can connect with everyone. So, let’s return to the question, is it good to have age difference in a relationship? To answer that, let’s see the pros and cons of dating someone older or younger than your age.


Age Difference in a Relationship

Age Difference in a Relationship

Let’s first begin with the positive side of it.

1. Widen your horizon

When you’re dating someone older or younger, you’ll face a different view of thinking and handling things. After all, the two of you live in a different generation that only means you’re raised with likely different method. You also come from a different level. Hence, since the age difference in a relationship will give you a new view of things, it can widen your horizon.

Accordingly, if you take it in the right direction, it’ll make you wiser in taking your action. You will also get to see more about the possibility in the world. For example, if you have a partner that’s four years younger than you, you might find it peculiar that she or he is more carefree. However, at the same time, you’ll also come with the understanding that is something you probably need in your life.

3. Enrich your knowledge

The difference in age also means the difference in experience. Thus, if you have a partner who is older or younger, you can enrich your knowledge. Let’s say that the older person usually has richer knowledge of life, and the younger person has richer knowledge of having fun.

The age difference in a relationship can advance you in your knowledge. You can know more about what’s the difference in the trend of nowadays and of past days. It’ll be exciting to share it.


Age Difference in a Relationship cons

Age Difference in a Relationship cons

Now for the second part, let’s see the cons.

1. Clash of habits

As culture changes over time with the development in generations, you might encounter a clash of habits. So, if you are in a relationship where there’s age difference there, brace yourself. You’ll need extra patience to make it work since you need to deal with those habits which might be considered as disrespect and impolite.

While it’s okay to be overly friendly or casual, someone from older generations might find it unappealing. The clash of habits can be very worrying when it comes to the talk of age difference in a relationship. Hence, if you happen to have a relationship like this, you need to make a mental note to give extra time in understanding your partner habits. Don’t forget to address it if you find it really annoying though.

2. Conflict of priority

With age, comes the priority. For those who are around their thirties, marriage probably becomes their priority when they’re dating someone. However, for those who are around their twenties or younger, dating might simply be something not serious. It can be a real deal breaker when the two people in the relationship aren’t in for the same deal.

Accordingly, in a different case, it might be the older have more focus on work while the younger might get caught in the love phase. Either way, it’s worth to note that the conflict of priority often becomes a big problem within a relationship that has a big age difference.

3. Summary

So, is it good to have age difference in a relationship? The answer is both yes and no. It depends on how you want to take it. This kind of relationship comes with pros and cons, just like other relationships. Thus, it’s all on you and your partner to make it good or bad.

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