When you decide to be in a relationship with someone, there’s absolutely only the wish to make it work. Everyone wants to make their relationship work and lasts for a long time. However, to have a working relationship is tricky. It can seem to be very lovely at the beginning then it goes down the hill and crashes the big tree. So, how to make your relationship work? To make it work, there are three vital stages which you need to put a huge concern on.

Stage 1 – The beginning

Relationship Work

Relationship Work

We’ll start numerically from the first stage. Stage 1 or we often regard as the beginning of a relationship. This stage is painstakingly crucial for the relationship.

This early stage of a relationship usually comes very addictingly, flowering, and loving. Everything seems to go so well just like a dream comes true. Well, sweetheart, keep your feet on the ground and don’t get your head too high on the cloud. When a relationship is going way too smoothly, there are only two options.

First. You’re very lucky that you find the person that matches you very well from every subject.

Second. You overlook too many things.

When it comes to the first option, that’s just great and I congratulate you for that. However, if the relationship goes smoothly because of the second, you need to give an act.

It’s noble of you to try to understand your partner, but when you overlook too many things, it will turn into chaos the next moment you don’t feel the love as strong.

In this stage, you need to stay honest and transparent with yourself and your partner.

Stage 2 – The middle

The middle

The middle

When you go through Stage 1, it means you’ll be on the next level namely Stage 2. If you get the beginning of your relationship accomplished with honesty, acceptance, and a real understanding, the second stage won’t be so difficult. You have a great base which is very beneficial. On the other hand, if the first stage is the opposite, this can be quite hard to conquer.

In the second stage, the love and affection may start to wither but that’s okay. Although the fairytale tells you that true love lasts forever, in reality, it’s different. Love is not only on the sweet emotion, but it’s also on the will to strive with your partner. When you feel that the relationship becomes boring and you get frightened that your partner may leave you, don’t move an inch from your seat. Take a deep breath, don’t get panic. In this middle stage, there are two options you can do.

First. Address it to your partner. However, don’t do it in a negative way. Keep on the positive tone in which you’re happy in the relationship but things get a bit grey. You can have a heart to heart talk and figure something together.

Second. If you don’t want to do anything, and only wait for your partner to do something, you probably need to find another date.

Your choice in this stage matters a lot when it comes about how to make your relationship works. Thus, decide carefully. You need to note about your partner reaction if she or he also wants to work for that. You guys are made for each other.

Stage 3 – The further

The last stage is The Further. This stage is actually the trickiest and most deceiving of all. When you’re already in a long term relationship with your partner, obstacles can get bigger. Simple things can ruin everything.

long Relationship

long Relationship

If you ask me how to make your relationship work at this stage, you get only one option which is to have greater consideration in what you’re doing. Be loyal and keep the faith. Don’t ruin something grand for an easy and quick pleasure.


To answer how to make your relationship work, there can only be one answer. You’ll need to put some efforts. Making a relationship works is not an easy job, yet if you’re willing to make efforts for that, that’ll be one of the most beautiful things you ever experience.

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