It’s your first date and surely you want to impress your crush. Well, when it comes about dating, everyone likely has that moment of being nervous and overthinking. Since it is a big chance that can land you to a future, that’s absolutely a clear reason of why. Hence, if you’re in the middle of distress of planning to impress this girl or boy and looking for the topic to talk about in your first date, you come to the right place. Read on to find the answer of what to talk about in your first date!

Start with the simple things

First Date

First Date

Since it’s your first date and let’s assume that it’s actually the first time you get this close with your crush, the simple things would be the best pick to start. Asking about heavy things at the beginning of the date can make things being awkward, so avoid getting there too soon. Accordingly, although it may lovey to have a better insight of your date deepest side, it won’t be a good one in the long-run because you might think you already get the whole frame when it’s possibly only a little.

Hence, what to talk about in your first date? Start with the simple things!

Favorite Things

You can begin it with the topic of ‘favorite’. For example, if you’re going out for dinner with your date, pay close attention to how she or he enjoys the food. However, when you do that, don’t show it explicitly. You need to look casual. If she seems to enjoy it a lot, start the conversation by asking about favorite foods. You can bring it to what’s her favorite restaurant, and why she likes it.

When you talk about it, remember that you need to be attentive. If she is a bit quiet or shy, inform her about your favorite things in the middle, yet you don’t be excessive on that. Give her the chance to talk as well.

Favorite things can be the best ice breaker to take for your first date.

Daily Activities

Daily activities

Daily activities

When it comes to what to talk about in your first date, the simplest topic as daily activity can be very appealing. It’s especially if you don’t regularly meet on daily basis. This topic is a great beginning if you play it right.

However, when you bring the topic of daily activities, do it little by little. Don’t rush the question and let it flow. Find the right pace of ping pong between you and your date. Bringing this topic up might take you to a new pleasing discovery in which you possibly can find about things that connect you more with this person captivating your heart.

Unique Experiences

The next topic you can bring to your first date is about unique experiences. Something bizarre can bring a nice spark to your night. By sharing unique experiences, it will attract your date to know more about you. Well, who doesn’t like unique people? Everyone find an attraction for that.

But, it’s best to put on that the unique experience you choose should relate to the occasion. You should avoid making random outburst about a unique experience in a restaurant when you’re in a movie. Surely you can bring that unique experience later, yet it’s best, to begin with something that matches the occasion.


On the worry of what to talk about in your first date, you can try to write those simple topics down. Although it might not sound so attractive, those topics will make a great foundation for the deeper ones when the two of you’re ready for a serious relationship. Yet, when it’s for the first date, keep things simple, light, and engaging which you can do by talking about those topics. Good luck with your first date!


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