When you’re planning to marry your sweetheart, you surely want to make it last till the end of time. And you definitely wish it to be a happy one. Indeed, a happy married is the dream of everyone breathing on earth. However, a dream is always sweeter than reality. Marriage is a new start of challenges. As you previously had in your relationship, it starts sweets and there will be obstacles, differences, and others facing which can turn everything into the hazard in a matter of seconds. So how to have a happy marriage? Check these four pieces of advice!

Know your partner well before the altar

Before you decide on the altar and get into the excitement of building a family with your partner, know your partner well. That’s the prime rule especially if you want your marriage to last forever. But, if you’re just in for the excitement, you can disregard this advice.

Happy Marriage

Happy Marriage

However, who doesn’t want to have a meaningful and happy marriage? Hence, to know your partner inside out is your best bet. Remember, you’re going to live years together with your partner. Marriage is not like a relationship which you can go on and off as you like. When you marry someone, you literally share your life with that person. In addition, if you dream to have a family, there will be children there. There’s abundant of responsibilities in marriage and you should be aware of that. Thus, make sure your partner is the right one. So, how to have a happy marriage? Surely, the first advice is to know your partner for every side she or he has.

Respect your partner as an equal in every subject

In a marriage, specifically in a heterosexual marriage, you can get trapped in the idea that the man should do the job to make money and the woman does the housework which often lands to a conclusion that man is more superior. That’s something you need to avoid. The next advice of how to have a happy marriage is by respecting your partner as an equal.

Respect your partner

Respect your partner

In a marriage, you’re partner, you get each other back. If there’s a power play in your marriage, that’ll hardly last as a happy one. Although the woman job is seemingly easier, the man can’t regard her as lower. Every job that’s done for the family is equally important.

Keep in mind that your wife or husband is your partner in life which means in everything. Thus, you need to respect your partner as equal in every subject.

Build love and friendship continuously

The next advice on how to have a happy marriage, you need to build the love and friendship continuously. Let’s be real, after years being together, it can get boring. Hence, you need to renew the love and keep the friendship.

A happy marriage is a marriage which knows how to keep the spark. Random compliments and surprises are the few things you can do to make it long-lasting. In addition, nourish your friendship with your partner by doing casual things such as talking about your favorite movie.

Have exciting intimate experiences

Intimate experiences

Intimate experiences

One of the main difference of a marriage and a relationship is you’re legal to do the sexy stuff with your wife. For many people, this also is one of the reasons they get into a marriage. Well, this one happens to be the advice you need of how to have a happy marriage.

When you marry someone, physical and psychological needs are equally important. Since the three pieces of advice above have covered the big face of psychological needs, let’s talk about physical needs. Being sexually active in a marriage is vital since it’s no denial that the stronger your feeling become, there’s a need to touch. So, keep your bed activities exciting by being a little adventurous. Yet, always remember to have your partner consent for that.

Having a happy marriage is important since it’s a key to have a happy family, so keep these pieces of advice in mind because you’ll surely need that.

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