After a break-up, you likely feel as if the world seemingly falls apart. It feels hollowing inside to have all those sweet dreams and anticipations ripped of cruelly by your partner with the break-up statement. A break up is indeed a hard matter to deal especially if you’re so devoted to your relationship. The next day after a break up you probably feel as if you’re a living body with a dead soul. That’s surely a broken emotion that you want to get rid as soon as possible from your chest. Hence, to help you out of that murky stage, we have listed these golden rules of how to handle a break-up.

Embrace it with dignity



The first rule you need to do, embrace that your relationship is over. Even though it feels like a bitter pill, swallow it hard. Keep your head up and dignity up. The relationship is over.

Surely it won’t be easy at the beginning. If it makes you cry to embrace it, do. You’re allowed to cry about that. However, don’t dwell. When you dwell on that sadness, it’ll consume you and you’ll find yourself returning to the murky phase.

You should remember that everything happens for a reason. The fact that your relationship needs to meet an end line is for a reason and that’s for better. That’s the fundamental rule of how to handle a break-up.

Give yourself the love

Give your self love

Give your self love

The second rule, give yourself love by hanging out with friends or getting a holiday for yourself. While you’re in a relationship, the focus is not only about you anymore, it’s about you and your partner. Often time, you neglect your own need to make your partner happy. Thus, it’s an absolute order for you to take time with you, your friends, or your family.

Do the things you’ve been always dying to try. Spend the money that you previously allocate for your partner to your needs. A break up is not the end of your existence. Hence, give yourself the love to gain back that self-confidence.

You’re okay before him, there’s no reason that you will be not okay if there’s no him.

Avoid reminiscing the sweet times

avoid reminiscing the sweet times

avoid reminiscing the sweet times

After a break-up, your heart might play a trick on your mind. The third golden rule, therefore, avoid all those tricks. Sometimes, you probably remember the sweet moments in the past. Your heart might ache and crave for that. Yet, you shouldn’t fall for that. The sweet moments are all in your head and it might be so different in reality. Keep your feet on the ground, don’t reminisce those old times. You’re moving forward and that’s how you handle the break-up.

The old times are sweet, but that’s in the past. Nothing will change by reminiscing it. Plus, it’ll burden your heart and mind to move on which is just the worst way of how to handle a break-up.

Do what you need to do

The last rule, do what you need to do. This probably sounds simple and ambiguous. What’s the do you should do? The answer, however, is simple and clear: your life.

Pick on other things that you leave for the relationship.  Your old hobbies, ambitions, business plans, whichever and whatever is that, take it on your hand again since you have empty space to fill now. Remember that an ending of something is a beginning for another.

You have things to do on your hands, and that’s where you should go rather than clouding your head with something that’s over.

Extra note:

Be strict to do these rules. You’ll surely get yourself together and shine brighter than you ever were.


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