From various types of human relationship existed in the earth, the bond of a mother and her child is said to be the strongest. It’s also widely known that the love of a mother is undying. However, it’s quite ironic when we reflect on our surroundings and find a story about a mother who neglects or kills her own flesh and blood. Can we say that she is a mother? Isn’t a mother supposed to love her child? Well, for that case, let’s dig a little deeper about what’s a ‘Mother’ in mother and child relationship.

What’s a mother?

Mother And Child Relationship

Mother And Child Relationship

Before we go further, let’s think about this:  what is a mother? Is it a title or a role?

The definition of mother grown in our society usually refers to a woman who gives birth and raises a child. In fact, there’s the prejudice that tells; you’re not really a mother if you don’t give birth to your own child. Is a mother just a title for the woman who produces a child? Is it (the mother and child relationship) really that simple?

So, if you see a woman, who has a biological child, neglecting him for her pleasure, you can still say that she is that mother, mother?

Then, if you see a woman who decides to not marry yet take great care of the unfortunate little one from the orphanage, you can’t say that she is a mother?

Our society gives us the mindset for the first one which makes it look easy. You have a child then you’re a mother. But, there’s more than that when it comes to being a mother. Producing a child does give you a title as a mother, but it doesn’t mean you’re a mother if you end up neglecting him for your convenience or playing God on them to fulfill your dream.

Remember, your children are human beings. They’re not a play thing or a thing which you can use as you like or put as a trophy. They’re human and you should keep it in mind.

Can you be a mother?

Being a mother is a tough job and not everyone can have the luck to master it at the first try. However, everyone can be a mother as long as they have the will to be one. Anyone can be a mother. As long as they’re willing to try, to devote, to love, and to educate, anyone will make a great mother figure.

Thus, if you wish to be a mother, have faith. People can judge as they like if you’re not yet married but want to adopt a child. But, when it’s about being a mother, it’s then the mother and child relationship. Thus, it’s only the child’s opinion you should think about.

How to be a good mother?

Good mother

Good mother

Then, since everyone can be a good mother, can everyone be a good mother?

Well, not everyone is born with the nature of a mother, some people make a very bad example for that. Regardless, the answer is yes. Everyone can learn to be a good mother. Like any other business in life, you can learn and get better if you’re not yet good on it.

To be a good mother there are two anchors you need to keep in mind which will be very beneficial for the mother and child relationship. The rest, you’ll figure it on the way.

Your child is not your possession

What you need to understand is that your child is not your possession. Sure you ‘produce’ him and you’re entitled to the responsibility of raising him. However, it doesn’t mean that your child is less significant.

You’re not a god for your children

Not God for your children

Not God for your children

Some parents feel superior when it comes to lecturing their child. Sometimes, it gets to a point that they play the God role. This is a big no if you want to be a good mother. Your child is a human in their own, just like you. A good mother assists her child, not dictate him.

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