When you hear the word toxic, especially in a relationship, that probably becomes the time when your alarm goes on and cues you to run as faster as possible. Being in a toxic relationship is dreading for a lot of reasons. It’s also an exhausting pattern of a satanic circle that eventually will lead anyone into madness. But, what’s the real deal of a toxic relationship and what are the signs of a toxic relationship? Go check these 4 signs of toxic relationship.

Dishonesty and Excuses

Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship

The root of any root of a toxic relationship is dishonesty. Although it appears many sources telling you about trust issues as the main sign of a toxic relationship, dishonesty is actually the fundamental reason that turns your happy relationship into chaos. Let’s see it from a different perspective. Over insecurity can be avoided and averted if you have an honest and matured communication with your partner. However, once you give a lie or excuse just to keep the temporary lovely image, it can ruin the whole frame.

Hence, if you often find lies and excuses in your relationship, you’re probably already in that toxic phase with your partner. To prevent it, pull your partner to sit down and get a real talk with him or her. Keep it real with your partner, don’t lie, and don’t make excuses. You’re in a relationship not only for a good time, isn’t it? Face the problem in your relationship upfront.

Extreme Secretiveness and Insecurity

After dishonesty and excuses, on number two we have extreme secretiveness and insecurity which is one of the prominent signs of a toxic relationship. In general, anything extreme won’t bring any good result. In a relationship, extreme secretiveness and insecurity are worse. We all have a secretive and insecure side, there’s no human in the earth that doesn’t have a secret of their own. However, to have a mouthful of secrets and a high level of insecurity is dangerous.

Extreme Secretiveness

These two things invoke each other to their worst bearing. Let’s break it to you, extreme secretiveness will make your partner insecure, and extreme insecurity will heighten your partner secretiveness. If it happens together, that’s the sign of a toxic relationship and you need to end the relationship. However, if it’s just one from two, there’s a possibility that you can save your relationship by keeping your ego and fear, then giving it a through talk to your partner. You’re going to find something from that surely.

Cold and Warm Treatment

The cold and warm treatment is the next sign you should be cautious of. This kind of action is to settle power. It’s a relationship, not ownership so there shouldn’t be a power play in a relationship. The two of you are equal. In a relationship, if you or your partner treat you with a cold gesture when they don’t like something you do and run to you immediately when things are sweet. That’s a big warning sign you need to realize.

From other signs of toxic relationship, many often overlook this part, yet it’s actually the early sign of a toxic relationship. You’re not seeing as a partner but as a possession which benefits them. Thus, stop your partner or yourself as soon as possible if you don’t want your relationship turn into a poisonous one.

Heavy Personal or Ex Baggage

signs of toxic relationship.

signs of toxic relationship.

In a relationship, you’re not in the quest of searching a hero or savior. Every person has their emotional baggage, and that can be very heavy. However, it doesn’t mean you can put it on your partner since they’re now your significant other. Your partner is not a savior or a hero. They’re a mere human with flaws here and there. Hence, if you wish that your partner is going to help you from your inner turmoil, that’s unlikely.

When your relationship is burdened with either personal problem or ex-problem, it won’t go anywhere. Before it goes to hell, inform your partner about the baggage you have and find a way to work it together.

Be aware of these signs and keep your relationship healthy by avoiding these signs of toxic relationship.

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