If you’re currently thinking about how to end a relationship, you have come just to the right place. Ending a relationship is a tough decision, especially if yours is a long term one. Yet, there’s a way that can make it less hurtful for you and your partner.

However, less hurtful surely doesn’t mean less troublesome, so keep it in mind that you won’t have it easy. Still, it will save you and ease your head when you cut the string. Hence, fellows, read on to know the three steps of how to end a relationship without getting a prolonged heartache and regrets.

Make Up Your Mind

End A Relationship

End A Relationship

The first step you need to do is to make up your mind. Ending a relationship is a big deal and you should think it thoroughly. That being said, don’t make a decision when you’re emotionally unstable and you’re mentally trying to avoid the problem. If you make a decision in those kinds of states, we assure you with days of regret while you watch your beloved ones move on and live their life the fullest without you around.

When you make up your mind to end your relationship, you should be in a calm condition and free yourself from any influence of your friends or your partner. Find the root of why you decide to end the relationship, if you only make it heavy on your side or your partner, you’re likely not seeing it thoroughly and you’ll come to regret it eventually.

Hence, do second or third and fourth though if needed before you move to the second step.

Have the Balls

Don’t act like a pussy when you have decided that the relationship is better terminated. If you’re being uncertain in the middle, it’ll surely kill your partner and burden your soul soon in the future. Although you may not feel it sooner, it’s tipping from the shadow when you get to your sense and realize what a terrible action was that.

How to End A Relationship

How to End A Relationship

So, have the balls to bring the talk about it. Bring your partner to sit together with you in a private place, and openly say what you need to say. Do it certainly and bravely without too much body language since it can make your partner emotional state unready to receive the news. Tell your partner about your intention to end the relationship and communicate why you see it need to end. That’s just the best way of how to end a relationship.

After you do this step, move to the last step.

Make a Clear Closure

Majority of people fail to have a proper ending for their relationship because of the lack of closure. Bad endings which often lead to a toxic relationship sometimes occur because there’s no clear closure between the two. Thus, it is essential to make a clear closure with your partner and remember to be honest about what you want.

Whether you want to cut the tie completely or you want to stay as a friend, you have to make sure to get it all communicate thoroughly. The two of you have been through a lot of things together, and so it’s best to have a clear closure about how things are going to be in the future.

If your partner is short-tempered, it can be a bit hasty at the beginning. However, you’ll eventually get it around by staying calm. Remember that you make the decision. You should be ready for what’s going to come. Thus, stay still until a clear closure is made so it won’t be a hazy end for your partner and it will ease them in the future to find new happiness they ought to have as well.

Thus, those all are the steps of how to end a relationship that won’t land you in the land of regret and turmoil. Do every step thoroughly and you’ll find it very helpful for your journey ahead.

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