When we’re talking about a relationship, we’re not only talking about the universe of the romantic relationship. There’re various types of relationship that exist in our society such as the platonic relationship between parents and their kids or the intimate-based relationship between friends. For that, let’s take a closer look to platonic relationship that’s rarely sound to ears. Although this type of relationship often refers to the relationship shared between parents and kids or siblings, it has a wider sphere than that and can exist between everyone which can be seen through these four obvious signs.

What is a platonic relationship?

 platonic relationship

platonic relationship

A platonic relationship is originally taken from the Plato era which refers to a scoop of relationship that brings anyone to reach a better understanding of the world and their life. Thus, this relationship is named after Plato and as respect for his teaching in philosophy.

However, nowadays, the idea of a platonic relationship changes quite a bit and is often mistaken with the friend with benefits kind of relationship which is totally different. A platonic relationship can happen between friends of the same sex or different sex as a romantic relationship can occur in either heterosexual or homosexual. Hence, these four signs will also help you to understand the main frame of the platonic type of the relationship in general.

You don’t share any romantic feeling

relationship romantic feeling

relationship romantic feeling

The first obvious sign is you don’t share any romantic feeling. When you have a friendship that’s based on platonic affection, there’s no romantic feeling involved and the affection is a pure and chaste one from both side. However close the two of you might look to other eyes, the sharing affection is voluntarily there with no desire. The two of you might share many deepest secrets but there’s still a clear boundary that keeps your stand on the platonic side.

You don’t have the slightest idea for sexual pleasure

While the friend with benefits relationship includes sex, a platonic relationship strictly screams no for it. If you’re very close with your friend, either opposite or same sex, and you never imagine how hot she or he might be on your bed after you see their perfect body, you’re definitely experiencing a platonic relationship. Anyone in a platonic relationship can sit naked side by side without creating any dirty mind in their head. People in this kind of relationship usually won’t be intrigued by the talk of sex when it includes them in the picture doing each other.

You genuinely care for each other well being

You genuinely care for each other

You genuinely care for each other

The previous two signs then lead to this obvious sign. The main point of platonic relationship existed in many friendship, you genuinely care for each other well being. When you do something for your friend, you do it because you want, and without the intention of getting anything in return. You have the genuine intention to know that they’re okay and they’re doing well. In this relationship, you naturally protect the others from getting into trouble and remind them for things they need to do.

You want to make each other better

The last obvious sign is that you want to help each other become the best version of you. In a friendship scope, the person who shares a platonic relationship with you usually becomes the best of friends which is always ready to back you up. If you have a bad habit in picking your date, having a platonic friend can help you to change that bad habit since their judgment isn’t blurred by jealousy and laid on genuine care. They don’t take each other for granted and they want to help their friend to reach the top.

The platonic relationship seems to describe the relationship between best friends which makes many people get jealous, but it can be in any type of relations. Nonetheless, the perfect description of platonic relationship is the genuine care to see each other grow to be the best version they are meant to be.

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