Being in a relationship can be exhausting and frustrating when it turns to the cliff of misery such as misunderstanding, trust issues, and etc. A bad relationship is everyone’s nightmare and fear, especially in the early stage of your journey together. However, there’s actually no relationship that’s bad at the beginning, it just turns bad because of the unhealthy circumstances. Thus, if you want to avoid being trapped in a bad relationship with your partner, share and communicate these four things you need to avoid at all costs.

Making Excuses

bad relationship

Making excuses for bad relationship

Excuses are the sharpest weapon to tear your relationship apart. It might be okay at first but then comes the second, third, and etc. Excuses are as contagious as lies, you say it once and you seem to not able to stop because it feels good. “I’m sorry, I’m busy” or “I’m sorry, I was sick” type of excuses, for example, eventually becomes the seed of insecurity in your relationship. Moreover, if they figure that you only want to avoid them, can you imagine the disappointment? If you’re okay with that, don’t question your partner with the “How can you not trust me?” when they get suspicious about you and start holding loosely. You plant the seed and you water it with the excuses, dear.

Tips: Instead of excuse, give a clear head-up or news and if it’s urgent, immediately contact them when possible. Give a secure foundation to your relationship.

Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

A bad relationship is a relationship where communication doesn’t have its place anymore. If you prefer to just ignore your partner or exclude them out while they’re waiting to solve the problem or issue, you already take the wheel to the bad relationship hole. Although it may seem cool that the silent can result in the begging of forgiveness, it does nothing to your relationship as it does to your ego. A healthy relationship is not a power-game. It’s sharing and learning together to be better. What’s the point of silent treatment? Establishing your upper position?

Tips: Instead of silent treatment, state it clearly that you need personal space and will soon return to solve everything. That’ll keep the flow of communication.

Disrespecting Your Partner

Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

Disrespecting your partner can be in a lot of things. Breaking promises, spreading bad sides, shading them in front of your friends, and attacking your partner for their need of personal space are few examples that are surely going to drown your relationship to the bottom of the sea. Respecting each other in a relationship is vital since it shapes many aspects of your relationship. For example, you have a partner that seemingly always has time to spend with you, instead of respecting the time; you act nonchalant.

That’s the worst you can do because in fact, it’s possible that they’re actually not that available but they make the time for you rather than make a time when it’s convenience for them which is hardly available. And it applies on the opposite side if your partner needs their time alone.

Tips: Talk things through about how you want to be respected in your relationship. In return, get to know about how your partner wants to be respected as well.  That’ll make a mutual understanding.

Playing Game

relationship discuss

relationship discuss

In a relationship, sometimes you figure that your partner is not as perfect as you originally think they are. That bad side might even get to your nerve. However, you decide to just revenge them by copying what they do, instead of talking it thoroughly. Playing a game like that won’t bring your relationship anywhere. If your partner can get the signal easily, it might solve the problem. And yet, the majority of people can be so dense and your partner is probably one. Revenging them in such a way will only harm your relationship.

Tips: Rather than keeping grudge and anger, let your partner know and discuss the solution. It’ll build your relationship stronger.

Well, those are the four things you should know to avoid the trap of a bad relationship. Wish you have a long-lasting relationship with your partner!


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